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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Nightmare for Installing Fedora Core 3 - The First Day

Two consecutive horrible days for me...I just don't want to recall it, but for a thing to record. Let's see who is able to have a worse luck of it.

The first day
1. I decided to install FC3 on my laptop with WinXP pre-existing. Before doing actual installation , I went to check my disk allocation in disk management tool, followed by the first luck. WinXP suddenly crashed blue, and was not able to boot up due to the potential partition table damage during system crash.
2. To diagnose the problem, I borrowed a bootable CD for WindowMe with a bunch of disk tools. From my experience, I love the tool called "Diskman" for checking partition table. But this time, it was just not that strong to detect all partitions. Instead, It prompted me that there is a partition table in the second sector of c0-h0, i.e. after the boot sector, and asked me if it should rewrite with it. Considering diskman was not able to detect all partitions, I risked the great to confirm this action. The worst thing is not my confirmation, but I hadn't backup the partition table in the first place. In fact, it's not a slipping of my mind either, 'cause my laptop has no floppy drive, and the only available partition is NTFS, which is not readable at that moment. I just didn't have any place to backup. My mad decision made the first reboot exciting because the machine resurrected. But diskman this time didn't save me, but put me to the situation that my D: partition gone! All my data is on it!!! so far, my machine can boot up again, but partition D lost.
3. Machine alive again, but data lost. Luckily, I could use resurrected WinXP to check over the Internet for solutions to recover my data. Though it took a little time, yet went smoothly, I finally found a software called EasyRecovery, which is able to recover all my data by scanning the disk sector by sector, and with so called "file signature" technique to identify all files and directories like a miracle. The only bad thing is that it takes a long time to identify all data because the lost partition has 18G! Furthermore, it needs a non-source partition for storing the recovered data. Since no more space(considering the lost partition) I have on the laptop, fortunately one of my labmates has a mobile harddrive with enough free capacity as my temporary swap. This was my real lucky side.
4. After scanning, saving recovered data, reclaiming the lost partition(formatting), and swapping in, it was almost the end of the day, considering every action is over a large volume with certainly not the full speed transfer. And finally it came to my very first goal of all the mess, i.e. installing Fedora Core 3. I copied all 4 iso images from pre-download location to my laptop, and start installing from hard disk. Another real lucky side of the day was that the installation went smoothly.

It's not the end of my luck ...


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