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Monday, February 14, 2005

Which linux distribtion to use?

i'd like to suggest beginner picking one distribution most popularly used around, which gives you enough direct support. in fact almost every distro has a good documentation and a well maintained community available for help. but beginners tend to be too lazy or too newbie to find sth related within a bearable period. experienced people around even free of charge will be always preferable:)

as for a distro, package management is essential , and package means software while software lives with support. therefore, support is essential for a distro. a distro with best support always wins, i suppose. the scope of "support" is not limited to only user side, though. who knows tomorrow debian wouldn't anounce that it died. of course, debian shouldn't die:) but a good distro should have a long run of quality development and support. to some extent, it's quite similar to programming languages, some of which actually really shouldn't say it's better over the other but radically the support behind does. How much the language can do does matter only to the support rather than how the language syntax is different. Programmers don't think a language is good because of its language details, but its support and functionality. well, things should not be that simple, though.

but for experts, in fact, the difference among all distros is nearly negligible.


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