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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Minimize windows to system tray

Sometimes you might want certain program to be able to minimize to the system tray while they simply don't provide this feature. I just found under KDE a nice tool, ksystraycmd, can do so.

1. choose a keyword in the window title, e.g. you want to hide firefox, and the keyword could be 'Mozilla Firefox'.
2. issue the command: ksystraycmd --window 'keyword'

you will get a default icon of the app in systray where you can show/hide your app. cool right? :)

(Update 2005-11-03): it looks like ksystraycmd has some encoding problem when using --window argument. if you pass a Chinese window title, it cannot find any. therefore, the solution is to use another argument for finding windows, i.e. --wid, before you can do it, you can use xwininfo to obtain the window id of what you want to hide.


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